孔子的父母親 Parents of Confucius

孔子的父母親 Parents of Confucius

譯自孔家舊事談﹕孔子的遠祖 及 家族的直系遠祖,憲章編撰。
          (Proper nouns such as name of a person, titles, name of a book, feudal state, and places will be included as Chinese in order to keep the correct reference.   A brief note to explain may be followed immediately.  Since I do not have the reference book on standardized Pinyin, I have no choice but to use the phonetic either from the computer or from other sources.)

孔子的父母親    Parents of Confucius



The name of the father of Confucius was Suk Liang Nat ( 叔梁紇 ), a worrier or a military man. His given name was Nat; he could be the third child of the family, therefore called Suk; at the time when he was known, it could be form the place as Liang. (To nowadays wording he should be called Nat, the third son,coming from Liang.  It is just like John III of Manhattan, as an example, but not exact.  It is relative hard for us to understand, particularly under the modern Western civilization.  Nowadays we are legally allowed to have one set of names for our whole life, mostly having three words e.g. John David Kong.  But in the ancient Chinese culture one could have five to six sets of names; one set of name at birth, one at the time going to school, one official identification for the rest of your life, one to identify your birth sequence in the immediate family, one alias and sometimes one as you preferred to be known.  For example, at birth one may be called Cafe (小牛), then known as Gok Keung (國強) to your classmates, officially is known as John David Kong (孔祥龤 ) ,then the birth sequence Jung Lok (仲樂) ,also alias Sui Yam (瑞音) ,but preferred to be called Doh On (道安) . If one were a dignitary, a high-ranking official or having great contribute to the country, the emperor would also confer a name as a title too e.g. Man Jung (文忠) 。The system to identify the birth sequence is mostly as baak, jung, suk, gwai  (伯仲叔季) with baak as the first son and gwai as the fourth son. All mentioned above were acceptable with the addition of your pen name, just like nowadays, and that could be the name used most frequently in the literature world. )  However, someone suggested that Suk Liang Nat was his respectful title.  Anyway, Nat was raised in Kap Town, therefore he was also known as Gam Suk Nat (瞰叔紇).  

Suk Liang Nat was a strong, full of strength person, with a well-built body and a huge strong waist.  He was a military attache’ of the ranking official Meng Hin Ji of Lo  (大夫孟獻子), and was known for his bravery.  Per the record in the chapter about the 10th year of Lord Shang, Duke of Lo in Joh book (《左傳》魯襄公十年), in 563 BC, Suk Liang Nat was in the allied army of lords to invade the subordinate state Baak-Yang (伯陽 ), good in playing tricks. When the allied army arrived, people of Baak-Yang opened the city gate declaring to surrender.  The army of allies did not know it was a trick and rushed to occupy the city. When half of the armed forces were passed, people of Baak-Yang lowered down the city-gate and killed some invading soldiers who were facing extermination.  Seeing under such bad situation, Suk held the lowering gate up by both hands and let the soldiers to retreat. By this, the allied army avoided a disaster.  Seven years later, he was guarding the Fong Township (防邑) with the ranking official Jong Sun Gei (大夫臧孫紀). They were surrounded by layers of army of Chaai (齊國).  One night after scouting, and with three hundred well-trained selected soldiers, Suk broke through the circling and protected Jong to safety and returned as passing through a ‘no man zone’.  They continued their guarding duty( per record in the chapter of the 17th year of Lord Shang in Joh book《左傳》襄公十七年).Due to his bravery as well as his intelligence, he was known among the lords.  He was advanced to the rank as Officer-in-charge of Kap Town.  Finally, the family reclaimed the well-known fame, as a dignitary.


Suk Liang Nat married See si ( 施氏) at the beginning.  They had nine daughters.  He got a concubine and had a son named Baak Nei (伯尼), alias Meng Pi ( 孟皮) . Unfortunately Baak Nei was a limping person.  At that time the society would not allow a limping handicap to be named to the position as a family inheritor, particularly in a dignitary family.  In order to retain the dignity of the family, even at the age of sixty, Suk Liang Nat asked for the hand of the daughter of Yan si ( 颜氏).  Yan si was a member of an influential and wealthy family and had three daughters.  The eldest and the second daughter did not want to marry this aged hero, also as a concubine.  But the youngest daughter Jing Joi ( 徵在 ) agreed to this marriage.  She was pregnant very soon and gave birth to a son, later known as Confucius.

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