孔氏家規 Rules of the Confucius Family.

孔氏家規 Rules of the Confucius Family.
本篇譯自合拼孔德銘暨孔令義兩宗親刊於孔氏宗親網,闕里史話之文章,十項祖訓以德銘為準,餘抄襲令義。更因無法以原文上網,故重抄一遍。憲章識。[PP]This is a translation from two combined articles posted by KZHY (孔德銘) and Mr. Kong (孔令義) in the Historical Sayings of the Kuet Lane (闕里史話)of the Kongs Family web.  The commandants are based on the article by KZHY (孔德銘) and the rest from Mr. Kong (孔令義)  .



[PP]The family rules and teachings of the Confucius family are for protecting and maintaining the normality of the internal order of the clan and discipline the ideology and behavior of family members within the general social regulations.  Any clan member who offences these rules and teachings will be punished per the family regulations accordingly or even to be sent to the governmental office for legal penalties.  A serious offender could be eliminated from the family registry (家譜).


[PP]             Members of the Confucius family pay serious attentions to setup and carry out the family rules and teachings all the time.   Contents of the family rules and teachings are prosperous.  The Office of the Duke of Proliferation of the Holiness (衍聖公府), as the Chief Family Official published the directional rules, The Rules on the Teachings of the Ancestor of the Confucius Family (孔氏祖訓箴規).  It functions as a guidance document; it should be observed by all family members living in different areas.  There are ten ancestral rules:

一。春秋祭祀,各隨土宜。必豐必潔, 必誠必敬。此報本追遠之道,子孫所當知者。                                                         

[PP]         The spring as well as the autumn commemoration may be observed per the local situation.  However offerings in the commemoration must be plentiful and tidy, with sincerity and respectful.  It should be based on the concept of remembering ancestors of very ancient; descendants should know that diligently.  


[PP]        The establishment of the genealogical registry (譜牒) is to setup an union with members of the same branch and a kinship with the immediate family.  Everyone should be a kind father, an obedient son, a friendly older brother, and a humble younger brother so that to have a harmonious family under one roof and to be proud as a descendant of a holy person.


[PP]    The Confucius family members should always respect the Confucianism and observe the righteous doctrines, fond of rituals and prefer virtues all the time. Descendants must not take monitory advantage of others and ignore righteousness; must not approach officials submitting accusations that can be tarnish to the virtuous reputation of ancestors.


[PP]   In considering us as descendants of the holiness, the imperial government pardons the labor services to all descendants of the Confucius family including those migrated to or living in different counties; however, the local Family Chieftain is responsible to collect all taxes for the government.  In responding to the magnificent grace of the Emperor, everyone should eagerly pay all taxes by the due dates so that it would not affect the function of the local government to report.  



   Genealogy registry and family rules are for the cohesion of the family members as one and to differentiate from the outside non-Kongs.  Descendants should not interchange these information as which would create confusion.

六。  婚喪嫁娶,理論守重,子孫間有不幸再婚再嫁,必慎必戒。
   Marriage and funeral rituals must be seriously observed per the rightful relationship.  Should it be so unfortunate that there is a remarriage among descendants, it must be under very carefully consideration.

七。   子孫出仕者,凡遇民間詞訟,所犯自有虛實,務從理斷而哀矜勿喜,庶不愧為良吏。
           Descendant serving as governmental officials must make judgments per rightfulness, as there are always truthful and faulty testimonies but must not self-appraise on judgments based on sorry for and sympathy.  He should not tarnish the fame of an outstanding official.                

八。  聖裔設立族長,給與衣頂,原以總理聖譜,約束族人,務要克己秉公,庶足以為足望。
    One descendant of the local branch will be elected as the Family Chieftain with the proper attires and insignia. His duties are to manage the holy genealogy registry and to discipline the local descendants.  This person must have a reputation of self-discipline and to function per the law; he should be the role model of the local family.  

九。   孔氏子孫,男不得為奴,女不得為婢,凡有職官員不可擅辱,如遇大事,申奏朝庭,小事仍請本家族長查究。
         Any male descendant must not be a slave while the female must not be a maid and should not insult governmental officers.  Should there be serious events happened, report to the imperial government and for inferior events request the investigation of the Family Chieftain.

十。  祖訓家規,朝夕教訓子孫,務要讀書明理,顯親揚名,勿得入於流俗,甘為下人。

  Teach the ancestral teachings and rules to younger descendants daily.  Descendants must be educated and understand the righteous, glorify parents and have a good reputation in the public; he must not follow the current flows as a useless person.

  Generally, dispersed descendants of various locations followed the spirit of rules and teachings established by the Chief Family Official and set up their own family rules to unite family members per the actual situation of different locations and its own branch conditions.



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