The Supreme Society. 大同篇

The Supreme Society. 大同篇
[PP]The Supreme Society.  大同篇    

[PP] Our ancestor, Confucius, is known worldwide as a philosopher, educator and policy theorist.  (I do not like to use the term politician, as which has a bad taste contemporary.)  I feel he was a great idealist.  Most people think that the Analects present his ideology.  His ultimate and most respectful ideology is in the SUPREME SOCIETY, however most social scientists considered that as a Utopia.

[PP] 聖祖為世人公認為哲學家,教育家及政策理論家(我不用政治家,因近代政治家的聲名是有污點。)我覺得他是一個理想家. 大家以為論語代表他的理論思想,但實際上他的最高及最受人尊敬的理論是在大同篇。現代的社會學家認為大同篇所提及的社會現像是個烏托邦。

[PP]The article that I would like to call the SUPREME SOCIETY is recorded in the Li Yun chapter of the Li Ji.  I try to introduce it as a general interpretation but not as a word-by-word translation, as which will be easier to understand.  He stated:

[PP]我稱為SUPREME SOCIET的大同篇是記載在於禮記禮運章。我不敢以直譯方法轉載,故以意譯方式,略為表達,以求有所感受。大意如下﹕

[PP]When the supreme society doctrine is in prevail, the society belongs to public.  The righteous and capable person will be elected in the sovereignty.  Trust and harmony will be in practice.  One would not only dear to his parents and care about his children, but also there will be plans for elders to reach their terminal time, the grownups to be utilized and the youths to have the chance to mature.  Widows, widowers, orphans, spinsters, disables and sick persons will have a share of proper livelihood. Man will earn his position, and female will be legally married. Treasures could rather be disposed on the ground, and even be ruined, but would not be kept to benefit for himself. One would regret that he has not contributed his share of ability but kept for himself. Treasons will not arise; robbery, burglary and rebellious events will not exist. Therefore the main doors need not to be locked. This is the Supreme Society.

[PP] 《禮記禮運大同篇》大道之行也,天下為公,選賢與能,講信修睦,故人不獨親其親,不獨子其子,使老有所終,壯有所用,幼有所長,矜寡孤獨廢疾者,皆有所養,男有分,女有歸。貨惡其棄於地也,不必藏於己,力惡其不出於身也,不必為己。是故謀閉而不興,盜竊亂賊而不作,故外戶不閉,是謂大同。


[PP] (本篇主要對像是美加土生宗親,故先以英語,後加中文。)


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